These are a few of my favorite things…

Jeevus, I could not stand to open my twitter and facebook accounts yesterday! If some lonely, dry-coochie woman wasn’t lamenting about the absence of penis in her life on “the most romantic [COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL] day of the year,” someone else was making fun of all the sidechicks who would become aware of their status at day’s end, or talking about how all the November babies would be conceived because of VDay sex. Get the hell over it already! People obsess about the stupidest shit. I’m not anti- or pro-Valentine’s Day; I actually couldn’t care less about it. If I happen to get something, fine – but if I don’t, I’m not ready to throw my mate down a flight of stairs covered in thumb tacks either. There are generally two types of people: the ones who live for the chocolates, flowers and teddy bears of Valentine’s Day and are heartbroken if nothing becomes of the “holiday.” The other type is the people who are so staunchly against it that their bitterness doesn’t let them realize that MOST holidays are just commercial playgrounds made for consumers to dump their money into. No one makes this much of a fuss for Mother’s Day or Christmas, which are two of the biggest retail events of the year – but when it comes time to celebrate LOVE, the force that binds all humans together, we get all up in arms. I’ll say this – if you like it, celebrate it. If you don’t, shut the hell up cus your cynicism is ruining the moment for someone else. Now, the day made me think about all the things, not necessarily people, in my life that make me smile. I’m not Oprah, so I can’t buy y’all new cars, but rock with me for a minute:

I LOVE waking up to the sun shining in my bedroom
I LOVE being able to pull on a pair of pants that fit in the waist and hips area without going into cardiac arrest
I LOVE the fact that I can just wet my hair, run a comb through it and GO.
I LOVE how Mekhi’s feet are exact replicas of his father’s, although I’ll cry deeply if my baby’s feet smell like his dad’s
I LOVE reggae music and the feeling it gives me when I hear a hard riddim that makes me want to bruk out inna di dance..raaaayyyyy eeeeeee laaaawwwwwddd
I LOVE reading the work of talented people! Whether it’s a press release, article in a newspaper, blog post or WHATEVER, it thrills my soul when someone can master the art of wordplay. Shit is almost as enticing as sex.
I LOVE the feeling I get right before the paper catches on fire
I LOVE looking at old pictures of myself
I LOVE when Rick and I get into a silly mood and start doing a stupid dance that involves every part of our bodies
I LOVE watching my life mate and son interact and have fun with each other
I LOVE striped underwear
I LOVE chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
I LOVE having a good laugh, a laugh so good I want to hold onto it so I think of other funny things to keep it going
I LOVE how my hair feels after a fresh wash and set
I LOVE black pocketbooks
I LOVE walking around in panties and a wife beater
I LOVE having a cup of tea by myself at 5am when the house is quiet and only I’m awake


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