Taking up space in my brain and shit

– how come you never find something until you’ve stopped looking for it? Brushes, shoes, earrings, men – the shit always seems to turn up when you don’t want it anymore
– in slightly related news, I think I may have a mommy force field around me or something that lets potential suitors know I’m unavailable. One guy yesterday clearly wanted to holla, but he sort of stopped in his tracks after looking me up and down and turned away like I was wearing a sign that said “MY BOYFRIEND IS A BIG BLACK GUY WHO WILL FUCK YOU UP”
– whyyyyyyy are chicks still wearing them raggedy ass Uggz? Seriously ma, it’s Spring 2011…if you bought them shits in winter 09 and have worn them EVERY season since then, Imma need you to start a bonfire, throw them shits in, and then jump in right after them.
– Why do i have so many fucking gray hairs? Seriously I’m only 23 and I have well over 50 silver strands throughout my head
-where is there a good open mic spot? i want to hear some good spoken word and have somebody inspire me to get my shit up and running again..
-i really hate when people judge me because i smoke. yes I am a mother. No I don’t smoke around him, or even when he’s awake (most of the time). Yes I can do other things while high. No I don’t think anyone will come and take my son away from me. Alcohol does more damage than ganja ever could and I hope you crash your car.
-why do women stay with these bum ass men who can’t do shit for them?! I know of one situation in particular that really pisses me off. i want this woman to take her children and run far away from the pitiful excuse of a man known as their father. i want her to love herself and her children more than to let them suffer at his hands anymore.
– I know it wasn’t Trey Songs, but whoever invented sex and patented that shit was a genius! can I buy stock in sex?
– speaking of buying stock, I wish I knew how to manipulate the market
-i’m afraid of my own potential sometimes


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  1. Jazz
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 14:44:14



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