Randomness in this head of mine

#shoutout to all the full-time bloggers out there, because I honestly don’t know how y’all do it. Wait – I do know how y’all do it. You love it, so you practice your craft. I wish I gave myself enough time to write and express myself the way I should; I have some good things to say and I know very well how to say them too. The power of the written word was given to me in my hand when I was born, and I’ve always held it with me. Maybe one day I’ll pull my pen out of my back pocket and let something flow.

– Can somebody tell me where these women find these trick ass simp ass men to buy them all the fancy shit? Maybe it’s because I didn’t position myself in that sphere or because I don’t feel comfortable exchanging vagina for goods, but I’ve never been a woman who “gets things” from men. I hear women saying “That nigga put $____ in my bank account the next day after I cursed him out…” “He bought me those shoes and the bag to match….” and wonder what kind of platinum-lined pussy these chicks must have to earn them all that shit. Not to say these aren’t good women based off their personalities, but I just want to know what is it about them that has these men opening up their wallets so damn fast? I tend to think it’s a lot more hint-dropping and sideways begging going on than some women are willing to admit. You mean to tell me you NEVER outright asked him to get you anything but this fool is taking you on trips just because? You never gave him some ass, yet he offered to buy you them red bottoms? I’M NOT BUYING IT! If you fucked him to get that bag, don’t be ashamed…just keep it funky.


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