Day 1 of the Blog Challenge – How Your Day Was

My day began with the news of Casey Anthony’s impending sentence and Mekhi screaming NO that he didn’t want to brush his teeth. For some reason, he has no problem when his father brushes his teeth, but with me he clenches down and bites on the bristles, sucking all the toothpaste off before I can get a good scrubbing. I’ve given up on trying to figure out why this kid does certain things, because he is just quirky and I like it that way. Work seemed like it went by pretty quickly, mostly because I was mentally checked out. My mind was still on this weekend and the fact that I need more weekends like it in my life. Not necessarily being away, but just doing things that felt good and indulgent and not worrying about what needed to be paid when to whom. Of course, now my bank account is looking at me like I’m stupid and I have to do some damage control, but whatever – “you only live once.”


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