To Rick

I never got the chance to thank you for bringing me back to life
For setting fire to the rain
The embers that danced in the wind never made their way back to you
And for that I am grateful
With the sun behind your crown you saw me
Love touched my shoulder and said wake up
We stood at the water’s edge and
As the waves held our feet together
It was written

And now here we lay
With ivory sheets binding these same feet
the touch that was at first friendly but still polite
is now confident in its grasp, looking for flesh that you now call yours
these pillows hold our locks of hair and secrets
smelling like us in the morning

Us used to smell like the sweet stickiness still lingering
Between my thighs as I cooked you breakfast
Each slice of bread toasted to my complexion
So you could continue eating me even into the day
Smelled like your cologne nestled in my neck and behind my ears
Making me blush at work
Remembering each wave we rode in the twilight madness
Each time you hit that spot that paralyzes my right big toe
Making it bow to your mercy
Cause you just got it like that
We used to smell like
Dove soap and showers that were more for kissing than washing

I never got to thank you for giving me this gift of life
This ball of fire with your toes and my curls
And the wisdom of the ancestors bubbling on his lips
For these precious moments that may never make their way into a scrapbook
But live here in his socks that end up in our bed
In the pen marks on our sheets
That are wet with strawberry milk,
Not last night’s passion
In the kisses we steal when he isn’t looking
And the way you remember me
When all we had was time

As many of them as I know,
Sometimes the right words still escape me
So I spread my gratitude over sandwiches
And pour my humility in your orange juice
Handing you our futures in a brown paper bag
Every day in the pitch black cool of 5am


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ariana
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 15:51:07

    Dani that was beautiful! I am sooo happy that you and Rick found a happiness in love that most people spend their entire life searching for.


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