Why I Get High

I sat and asked I why I gets high and I said:
Because I remember the first pull that we took together
When you said I even held my spliff sexy
and I looked at you through the smoke and years of tears
And I exhaled and breathed you back in
And I was high
That first time I got a hit of you I was hooked.
Not like that junkie itch, that withdrawal, no shakes and cold sweats
Cus the only rumble was the tremble of my thighs,
The sighs that escaped these lips and ran down to your lips and found their way back to mine
See you weren’t like those other dudes, didn’t show me who you wanted to
Just kept it organic, natural-grown like a leaf when you roll me up in your hands,
Never artificial
Even when you lay me on my back and bust these guts out like a Dutch Master, you make me high
Waiting to take you in, I am high
Feeling as if I will never come down
In the cyph of my memory you are the sweetest, fattest L
The grass I want to run my fingers through in the morning, after you spark me at the tip and hit me from the back,
savoring the scent I leave in the air
See all I knew before you was regular
Dusted with fertilizer, cus like
Not worthy of these virgin lungs
These lips not yet turned black from the bitter words of a woman scorned
So I found you, exotic and sweet-smelling
You felt good between my fingers as I picked you apart, got to the seeds of you
And took some to plant in my garden
And you grew
And we grew
And everybody knew
I was high
They say you ain’t supposed to get addicted to trees
But I need you
In the morning I wake and bake and you take me on a ride
I will never stop riding high
On you
You make me wanna let my homegirls get a hit of you
Look at em and say “Yours ain’t like mine nigga, this shit right HERE nigga! This shit right HERE nigga!”
Every day is 420
Cus fortunately my supply don’t go low, and I don’t know
About nicks and dimes and cocaine lines
I know you
Conservatives say it’s bad for you
“I didn’t know you were THAT type of girl,”
But you knew all along I was the type of girl
To roll you a spliff and suck your dick while you smoke it
The type to fix you a steak, cereal and Cheetos butt naked at 3am cus you got the munchies,
Fall asleep in each other’s sweat, wake up and light another.
I want all of you at once, later for the clip cus
You are the last L I want to burn if we should ever legalize this shit.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. LaNeshe
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 13:27:26

    I absolutely loved this! Great job.


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