Upon the shores

– We are doing fine in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. As of today, there is still no power in our apartment except to the microwave, fridge and Mekhi’s lamp, but we have hot water and didn’t lose groceries during the day and a half we were without electricity totally.
– About 14 times a month, I’m reminded why I need to get a new job, but the fact that I had to brace myself for the monstrous winds on the Northern State on the way to work Monday really depressed me something serious. What was the point of telling us “Business is as usual” and for us to come in at 9 with the hope that y’all “might let us work through lunch and leave early.” Is we back on the plantation and massa has graciously decided to let us come in off the fields before we get swept up into the skies? What in the hell!!
– My son really is a fricking fabulous kid. It took us a while to try explaining to him that we couldn’t watch TV and the lights weren’t coming on because of the wind and rain outside. I guess at 2 you can’t wrap your mind around such concepts, but eventually he got into the groove of things and we played cards, built houses with blocks, colored, sang songs, and taught him the meaning of the word “instrument.” We also had a sleepover Monday night and built a tent in our bedroom on the floor. We told scary stories as the three of us shared grapes by candlelight, made a Spiderman blanket stretch 3 ways, and slept bundled up together in a ball. Eventually it got too cold and we sent him to my aunt’s house where there is electricity and heat, so hopefully by the time we get off work today we can watch some TV or do something without candlelight.
– It’s still sort of amazing to me to be able to have this much fun with my guy at this point in our relationship. We got a little stir crazy after being cooped in the house for two days, but there was something so cool about sitting in the silence left after our thoughts and feeling like everything was OK despite the havoc outside. One of the things I love most about him is his ability to make me laugh almost through anything – Rick always has me smiling and for that I’m always grateful.


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  1. Nesheaholic
    Nov 01, 2012 @ 22:34:28

    That is so beautiful! It’s awesome that you all were able to make a nice family time out of the inconvenience.


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